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Zynthian Kit v4.6 [*]

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The Zynthian Kit v4 is the easiest way of getting your Zynthian Box. If you are a musician or aficionado and your electronic skills are limited, this should be your kit.

All the parts are pre-soldered and you only need to plug the wires and tighten the screws. You still learn what is inside and how to replace any faulty part, but you don't need to solder anything.

Zynaptik-3 Version: MIDI


It's completely pre-built. You don't need to solder anything. Just plug the wires and screw the bolts.

Balanced Audio

The exclusive ZynADAC soundcard integrates balanced audio input & output.


Standard MIDI-IN, MIDI-OUT, MIDI-THRU, MIDI-USB, MIDI over IP, OSC, Ethernet, Wifi, etc.


4 customizable push buttons
Zynaptik Extended: 16 digital I/O +
4 analog inputs + 4 analog outputs


The Zynthian Kit v4.6 is composed of: