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ZynFace KIT[*]

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The ZynFace Kit allows you to build  a connection board that brings access to the Zynaptik CV/Gate interface. It also include 2 x laser distance sensors (TOF) that can be assigned to MIDI events and allows you to get a kind of theremin control experience. This kit only works with legacy Zynaptik-2 and newer Zynaptik-3 Extended modules. It can't be used with Zynaptik-3 MIDI or Standard versions!


The ZynFace kit is composed of:

  • 1 x ZynFace PCB with 40 pin connector and SMD parts soldered on.

  • 16 x mini-jack mono vertical connectors

  • 2 x TOF sensor (VL53L0X)

  • 2 x sockets 8 pins

  • 2 x sockets 4 pins

  • 1 x socket 2x4 pins

  • 1 x socket 2 pins

  • 1 x socket 6 pins

  • 1 x socket 6 pins angle

  • 4 x separator + bolt

  • 1 x ribbon cable 40 pin with IDC female connector at both sides

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