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Zynthian Basic Kit v4[*]

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The Basic Kit v4 is the easiest way to build a customized but full-featured zynthian unit.

This kit includes the Zynaptik-3 module that allows connecting the 4 rotary encoders with switches and the 3 standard MIDI ports (IN/THRU/OUT). The extended version also includes analog input/outputs for the CV/Gate interface.

For the rest (RBPi, soundcard, display, case) you can choose official v4 parts or follow your way, using 3rd party parts, designing your own case or any combination you like.

Zynaptik-3 Version: Standard


The Zynthian Basic Kit v4 is composed of:

  • 1 x Zynaptik-3 Module Standard: 4 x controller + 3 x MIDI port connectors

  • 4 x Controller Module v4: Rotary encoders with push button

  • 3 x MIDI case-connectors, mounted with harness 

  • 1 x Ribbon bus cable

  • Optional: CV/Gate with the Zynaptik Extended + Zynface Kit